Our mission is simple:

We provide emergency hotel stays for

victims of Domestic Violence,

their children, and their pets.

​​Not all DV shelters are geographically appropriate for people who are trying to get away in the middle of the night, and many shelters don't accept pets. In addition, some victims require a day or two to figure out if they can go back home to their non-abusive family of origin (parents, siblings, etc). Because many victims leave their abusers in the middle of the night, we want to ensure victims and their precious children and pets are safe and off the streets while learning about more long-term community resources.

We simply found a gap in the system,

and we are working to fill it.  

Emergency Hotel Stays for Victims of Domestic Violence

Defending and Empowering the Vulnerable


All information provided through this site along with all services provided by The Hunker Down INNitiative team have been created to be utilized in addition to professional legal services, licensed counselors, law enforcement, domestic abuse crisis housing facilities, family resources and other professional means. We are not liable for any risk taken by the victim regarding their relationship with their abuser. We highly recommend going directly to a safe location, such as a confidential family member's home or a domestic abuse shelter created for your departure from your home of abuse. We recommend separating your car from your location and turning off and removing battery sources from all cellular devices to avoid being tracked. If you are unaware of a place to go or are already in route and do not have time for intake or further travel, our services are here to assist you in your transition. We have been praying for you and look forward to helping you get plugged in to the proper resources in your community.

God is for you. Who can be against you?

-The Hunker Down INNitiative Team